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Why Service marketplace script? | Buy2Handy


The businesses today are diverting towards the sharing(or collaborative) economy. But where the exchange of goods and services coordinated by the community plays an extremely vital role in making the business successful.  The graph of benefits of sharing economy has raised to a level that people. So they have plunged into providing peer-to-peer services through Service marketplace Script. And, to make your startup business adaptive to such online marketplaces, Migrateshop has a ready-made service marketplace script. Buy2Handy that helps you to launch you're marketplace website similar to Thumbtack .

Migrateshop Buy2Handy is a service marketplace platform where the service providers offer local services to the customers. Buy2Handy is a consumer service website that offers features similar to Thumbtack.

For example: If you want to clean your house, you can hire a cleaning service provider on hourly rates. If you want to learn guitar, you can easily hire a guitar lessons provider. Similarly, you can hire service providers for any small and local work like a photographer, doctor, florist, hair and makeup artist, event planner, massage and other wellness works.



How does Buy2Handy work?


With BuyHandy platform, a customer need not search elsewhere, rather search hassle-free on Buy2Handy for local service. A Customer can post their service requirements on Buy2Handy. So it provides some key details about the job like what job they want to get it done. But they need to get it done and the best way to contact them with quotes i.e. email, text, or phone. Then, Buy2Handy prompts them to provide their exact location - address and the pin code, by locating it through the map and finally send their request.

In response to customer's request, Buy2Handy filters the service providers providing that service, residing nearest to them and provides all their details to the customer. They also provide their reviews and ratings given to them by other customers. The customer then reviews the details and decides whom to select appropriately. After availing the services, a customer can write their own stories for the hired service provider and also rate them accordingly.

A service provider can register themselves on Buy2Handy and start generating revenue by providing their local services and serve the society.


The Business Model implemented in the service marketplace script:


Buy2Handy provides the customer with a platform. But it discovers the proficient professionals for getting their local services accomplished and to the service providers’ endless job opportunities. Service marketplace script thus implements a commission-based business model. So they charge service providers with the commission fee. And it is in the form of credits that he needs to purchase. And respect for being able to send quotes to customers.

This model is highly intuitive for those thinking to generate revenue merely by providing a platform to the service providers who are thinking to earn from society with their professional services and serve them.


Key-Role Players of Buy2Handy and their benefits:


The Buy2Handy Operator:

The Buy2Handy operator, that monitors the website. it is high in benefit as it can generate revenue from the service providers. But it is offering them the platform to inscribe about their proficient services. There are great opportunities for profit-making using this Buy2Handy platform.

The Service Provider:

The Service Provider gets a huge market to showcase their talent.  So it gets paid for the services they offer to the customers. Moreover, they can also serve the society with their service.

The Customers:

The key role players are the customers who shall use the services on Buy2Handy. And it hires the best professional for getting their specific job done without much of hassle.

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